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Herbalife Opportunity


Create your own additional income by taking advantage of the Herbalife Nutrition opportunity, one of the world’s leading direct-selling brands. 

Starting with Herbalife is the right choice because in addition to having decades of experience and being world-renowned, it allows you to start even if you have another job; you don’t have to think about accountant, offices or other bureaucratic brigades, Herbalife takes care of everything!


Entering the world of Herbalife gives you access to excellent online and offline training totally free of charge. You will learn how to interact with people, get organized and create your own business with schedules and rules that you can set.

You will learn how to form a team that will allow you to grow faster together because together we get further!

gold standard guarantees

Gold Standard is our commitment to helping you grow.
It means that working with us is easy, that we are absolutely transparent, and can offer you excellent conditions to support your goals in the business.

Offering such a guarantee to your customers removes all barriers of skepticism, and the assurance about product quality allows us to offer one of the most effective guarantees on the market.


Low start-up costs: no minimum purchases required and low initial costs. There is no requirement to purchase “Tools for Business” to undertake or succeed in the Herbalife Nutrition business.


Money Back Guarantee: in the event of termination, for any reason, of the Herbalife Nutrition Contract within 90 days, there is a guarantee to refund the full cost of the Herbalife Nutrition Member Pack.


We provide clear, accurate and timely information regarding potential earnings to those to whom the business opportunity is presented.


There is a guarantee to refund the full cost of products returned undamaged.

quality nutrition

Our products are formulated according to high quality standards. Herbalife Nutrition products are notified, where required, to the Ministry of Health and comply with current national and international regulations as well as the strictest quality control procedures. 

We clearly define the benefits and methods of use of each product directly on the product label: we want to be absolutely sure that the products are used as indicated. 

As an Independent Distributor Herbalife Nutrition you will be able to distribute products developed by world-renowned scientists. People love our products because they work.

join a super community

Herbalife Nutrition is present in more than 90 countries around the world, you can interact and share your passion with so many people.

At Herbalife, you can meet people of all ages who have achieved unimagined milestones through their passion.

Our products are not available in stores or supermarkets because we think people are the real value-added, in fact, they are sold exclusively through a network of independent Herbalife Nutrition distributors.

your starter pack

Sign up as a Herbalife Nutrition Sales Representative and purchase the Herbalife Nutrition Member Pack, where you will find the essential tools to take your first steps in your new business.


Herbalife Nutrition Backpack


Herbalife Nutrition Shaker


Formula 1: Meal Replacement


Activity information materials


Herbalife Nutrition measuring spoon


GoHerbalife -your free Herbalife Nutrition online store


Herbalife Nutrition Product Catalog


Access to online tools and training

Changing lives is easier than you think

Become a coach, a reference point, a friend, and a professional. Help people and clients break old habits, improve their nutrition, and live healthier, more active lives. Start today and make a difference.

I am herbalife nutrition

Are the stories that excite. Hear how someone’s life was changed by Herbalife Nutrition.


How much time should you devote to the business?

You decide how much time and effort you invest in the Herbalife Nutrition business opportunity. It can be 40 hours a week or 4…It’s entirely up to you.

How much will I earn?

It’s up to you–but always set realistic expectations. Whether you work part-time or full-time, the amount of hours, energy and dedication you want to devote to your business will decide your results. Before you decide, we encourage you to read the Statement of Average Gross Compensation.

What are the main benefits?

1. Flexibility
Decide your own hours and where to work-independent business tailored to you.

2. Quality
We offer you the best products, scientifically formulated and used every day by millions of customers.

3. Community
With the Herbalife Nutrition business opportunity you become part of a structured global community, the Herbalife Nutrition family, where you will find support and advice.

4. Benefits
In addition to free access to our Distributor Resource Center, you get access to promotions and up-to-date training and information materials on activities, events, and products.

Can I reconsider if I don’t like it?

You can run your business as you like with a low start-up cost, as per our commitment to the Gold Standard Guarantees and which are outlined in the subscription contract. If the Herbalife Nutrition business opportunity is not for you, you can terminate the contract at any time. If you terminate, for any reason, the Herbalife Nutrition Contract within 90 days, there is a guarantee to refund the full cost of the Herbalife Nutrition Member Pack.

How do I learn the principles of nutrition?

When you become a Herbalife Nutrition Independent Distributor, you have access to a comprehensive training system through an online E-learning platform, events throughout the country and abroad as well as trainings on sales techniques held by successful leaders.

Why should I do it?

To learn more you can access a resource center and exclusive events to improve your knowledge on wellness and sales techniques.

To earn more
Create an independent business by adapting it to your lifestyle and helping others do something you love. You will have great opportunities to make an income with a world-leading direct-selling brand.

How do you get started?

1. Go to the following page with instructions.
2. Follow the simple steps detailed on the page.
3. Fill out and sign the contract and purchase the Herbalife Nutrition Member Pack.
4. Congratulations! You have become a Herbalife Nutrition Sales Distributor!